So I start my new job on Monday. I can’t lie I’m pretty nervous. I hope I’m making the right decision and going back to work. I know most moms do that after work after having kids and I know I’m very fortunate that I have been able to stay home the last three years. I do miss having my own money and I’ll have a great paycheck every 2 weeks and great benefits. Ugh. I’m just gonna miss being home with my babies. At least my job is 3 mins from my house. And we can’t afford this house without me getting a job.
Monday I’m training at a different location, but Tuesday I’ll be at my actual office. At least it’s front office. I prefer that over back office. We shall see.

Can’t sleep

I don’t don’t what the hell is going on with me… I barely eat, and when I do, I only want sweet Italian sausage, cucumbers, and mashed potatoes. Everything else gives me heartburn or smells disgusting.

I’m tired and irritable. Oh my poor kids lol. They’ve been getting the short end of my temper. But Izabella has also been testing both my husband and I to see how much she can get away with 😒

I just want to sleep all day lol. My stomach is bloated, even though I can’t really eat anything bad. Ugh.

So as much as I want to be a doula, the money isn’t there 😔 decided on going back to school. But not sure what to go back for. It’s either LPN or PTA. Decisions, decisions…. Any advice?